Five Star Deck

Outdoor space should suit your lifestyle

You would never believe where this deck lives in Windermere BC but what we can tell you – it’s the swankest deck around. We brought the project to fruition from our client’s sketch on a napkin – seriously!

The deck features planed fir from our local Invermere Rona, Valhalla stain, custom timber notching by STW Carpentry.

We nestled in every feature you could think of – a built in BBQ, sink, fridge & television. Marble countertops, built in lounger, electrical lights and fans, custom planters. And for the technically inclined – there are hidden fasteners throughout the deck. Building it right is critical to us at STW.

6 Pizza Wood-Burning Oven

How do you install this kind of oven? Don’t try this at home!

At 3500 pounds, the Forno Bravo pizza oven had to be craned in (thank you yet again Rocky Mountain Cranes!) Ask us how we used ice to do it right.

This was such a fun building project – and what a great client – fun, happy, and wanted the best. That works for us at STW – we like to deliver the best, no matter how heavy.