Timber & Prefab

We work magic with both

STW Cutting Edge Carpentry put up the timber rafter and brackets on this custom build in Radium at Elk Park Ranch. We manoevered pre fab walls around structure on the ranch site. The house has interesting roof details and fascia. And when we were building – did it ever rain! There was so much rain that a mud slide came down across the road.

Another hurdle we jumped successfully – plumbers built in the bathroom before framing was finished due to timber and tongue and groove details. Beautiful results!

Canadian Timber Frames

Working together

This project required following building specs – including size, exterior, house location. We collaborated with Canadian Timber Frames and the contractors – Kootenay Builders – to deliver an exceptional house at Elk Park Ranch.

The homeowners were extremely pleased with the quality of our work and our work ethic.